Each player registered with FSMH will be required to pay a $50.00 fundraising bond at the time of registration.

  • Every player can qualify for a refund of the $50.00 fundraising bond if a minimum of $50.00 of FSMH Association online 50/50 tickets are sold in that player's name. Refunds are done by March 1 of the current season via credit card, cheque or registration credit.
  • Every dollar sold of online FSMH Association 50/50 tickets up to a maximum of $50.00 will be refunded towards each player’s fundraising bonds.
  • If no FSMH association online 50/50 tickets are sold, no refund will be given.


By default - all local players not in their final year of hockey will be issued a TeamSnap credit to be used as the fundraising bond the following season.

All non-local players or players in their final year of playing will receive a refund through TeamSnap.


If you have received a credit but wish to have a refund, please contact gm@fsmhockey.com