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U11 hockey is open to players born in 2012 and 2013.

The U11 Player Pathway is supported by the Hockey Canada Long-Term Player Development Model. This framework provides the guiding principles for age-appropriate and skill-specific programming for all players in Hockey Canada’s youth hockey system.

The U11 Player Pathway provides an environment that helps all players at the U11 age level (9 and 10 years old) to realize their full potential. Hockey Canada strongly believes that the needs of the player should be at the forefront of the programming. The U11 Player Pathway delivers numerous benefits to participants and their families.

The benefits include:
• creating a positive experience during evaluations with planned pre-evaluation ice sessions
• avoiding evaluations the first week of school
• allowing all U11 players to play actively for 100% of the season.

FAIR AND EQUAL ICE TIME is a key principle of the U11 Player Pathway. Fair and equal ice
time is designed to ensure that all players get the same opportunity to contribute to the outcome
of games, regardless of skill or ability.

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Tryout fees apply for players trying out to U11AA (See RAC page)  and U11 Team 1.


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