neck guards

Why do you need a neck guard?

Hockey neck guards are a piece of protective equipment worn around the hockey players neck.  They come in different styles and are worn by both skaters and goalies.

The guard is designed to prevent accidental injury to the neck by pucks, hockey sticks, and skate blades. Protecting your neck is extremely important, and for children, a legal requirement!

Hockey Neck Guard Basics

Weight – The weight of the hockey neck guard is an important feature you need to consider when you are selecting a hockey neck guard. A lightweight hockey neck guard facilitates easy movement while a heavier neck guard could provide a bit better protection, but may get bogged down with sweat over the game and be uncomfortable.

Design – The design of a hockey neck guard is extremely important, and this can greatly impact your comfort during the game. The design of hockey neck guards should be ergonomic so it provides players with maximum comfort and while providing protection from injury.

Material – A very important component of the neck guard you need to pay attention to is the material. The material used  should always be durable yet comfortable around the neck.  There is nothing worse than having a wet and/or itchy neck guard.

Size – You need to consider sizing when choosing a hockey neck guard. Different hockey neck guards come in a range of sizes from small to extra-large, to fit players of all sizes.