Goal Sticks


One of the most commonly incorrectly sized pieces of equipment is the goal stick. Goal sticks only range from 21” to 27”, meaning that a goaltender does not increase in stick size every time they grow an inch. In order to fit a goal stick, have the goaltender get into their goal stance, without skates on. Because the stick is not on the ice for the entire game, it is not vital to test with skates on. When the goaltender goes into their stance, ensure the blade of the stick lies directly in the middle of their feet. A stick that is too big will be shifted toward the far leg, while a short stick will shift toward the close leg. The blade should also be evenly flat on the floor, not tilted with the toe or heel upward.


When the blade is in the correct position, the hand should be mid-thigh. Too high will create a large gap under the goaltender’s arm, while a stick too small will cause the goaltender’s shoulder to drop and open up space on the blocker side.