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Is Your Daughter Interested In Trying Hockey?

This year, Fort Saskatchewan Fury has partnered with SPS Fuzion, Esso, and Hockey Canada to offer an Esso Fun Day - an opportunity for girls that have never played the game of hockey before to spend some time on the ice learning about the game and having FUN!

When: Sunday August 22nd, 2021
Time: 2:15 p.m.
Where: Ardrossan Recreation Centre

Please click on the following link to register https://forms.gle/2koxNM7FLdT8eofj9


If you have any questions, please reach out to our Fury Director, Dawn LeBlanc

Email: leblancfam6@hotmail.com


Players and parents FAQ

Is there a cost to participate?
No! This program is offered free of charge to new to hockey players.

Do I need any equipment to participate?
Basic equipment is required to participate on-ice in an Esso Fun Day, including:

  • CSA-certified hockey helmet
  • BNQ-certified neck guard
  • hockey gloves
  • elbow protection
  • knee protection
  • skates
  • hockey stick


Additional optional equipment may include hockey pants, socks, shoulder pads and jill.

Off-ice programs will require the following equipment, at minimum, depending on the scheduled activities:

  • running shoes
  • athletic clothing
  • eye protection – helmet with cage or protective eyewear such as goggles
  • hockey gloves
  • hockey stick


All new-to-hockey players will receive Esso Fun Day jerseys as part of their registration in the program.

Where can I get equipment if I do not have any equipment?
Options to find equipment to use include:

  • borrow from a sibling or friend
  • contact a local sports equipment bank
  • talk to the Esso Fun Day host about local resources available, or if equipment is available for the program

What is the ratio of instructors to skaters?

Hockey Canada recommends a minimum instructor-to-participant ratio of 1:5 for the Esso Fun Day program. The ratio of instructors to skaters will be impacted by provincial health and safety guidelines with respect to allowable group sizes in each community. Group sizes for Esso Fun Days may vary across the country.

What follow-up programs will be available for participants after the Esso Fun Day ends?
The goal is to create a path forward for each child that participates in the Esso Fun Day program, with programming that continues to be fun, safe and welcoming. Your local hockey association is encouraged to provide information towards registration in additional program opportunities or with a team.

What safety measures are in place for participants & families?
All local hockey associations must adhere to the most up-to-date public health and safety protocols, Member Return to Hockey guidelines and Hockey Canada’s Safety Guidelines. In addition, all LHA and facility guidelines must be followed.



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