Please read the FSMH Grievance/Complaint Procedure before filling out below form:

Click Here for to read FSMH Grievance/Complaint Procedure


These forms are to be used for all written concerns, complaints, grievances, and complements involving FSMH members and will be the only form accepted.  The information on the forms will not be shared with anyone but the level director and or the Member Advocacy Committee. 


See a member or player doing something great and want to share it... fill out this form!!

This form is for use by a team official such as a Coach, Manager, Liaison, or level director to create a file or documentation.

A member of FSMH wished to bring to the board’s attention a concern they have with an individual, observed conduct of an individual, the actions or conduct of a team, or any concern they have with an aspect of FSMHA. The completion of this form relating to the concern will be reviewed by the director of the appropriate level but will not automatically initiate an investigation.

This form is to submit a formal complaint against an individual involved with Fort Minor Hockey. Before a formal complaint is filed the individuals should attempt to resolve the complaint at the team level by utilizing the following sections of the problem-solving protocol listed in the FSMH policy and procedures