FSMH Multiple Player Affiliation Agreement

Any Teams (U11-U18) wishing to register an affiliate

Fully read the below affiliation policy before you submit your request

  1. The affiliation process must be completed as per Hockey Alberta regulations on or before December 15th for RAC teams and Jan 10 for EFHL teams.
  2. It is the responsibility of the teams’ coaches and managers to ensure that they follow the affiliation guidelines as stipulated by either the League or Hockey Alberta.
  3. The intent for affiliates is to support a team that is shorthanded for games and/or practices.
  4. Coaches will only be allowed to have an equal number of affiliates on ice as compared to those that are unable to make a game and/or practice.
  5. It is not the intent for affiliates to be at every practice and/or game, as this provides a level of unfairness in terms of how much ice time that player is being provided with.
  6. If affiliates are used, they should be rotated to ensure everyone is getting a fair opportunity and the coach of the affiliated player should first be contacted for approval before contacting the affiliated player.
  7. Affiliates should not be asked to a practice where a team is bringing in a power skating coach or additional on ice services.
  8. If a coach believes its necessary to bring up an affiliate to practices and/or games for reasons outside of what is noted, they are to request approval from the assigned director of that applicable team.
  9. As an exception, if a team only has one goalie, they are allowed to have a second goalie at their practice to provide a better experience for their players.  As well, if a player's season has completed and their team has completed activities, the player may join their affiliated team (if asked) for the remainder of the season if the affiliate team is in an extended playoff run.
  10. A player may only be affiliated to one team
  11. Players must be in good standing with FSMH to affiliate
  12. No affiliate can play until the FSMH Coordinator advises the teams that the registration process is Once this is done, teams must use the proper process for requesting.
  13. Affiliation approval order
    1. Level Director
    2. Current head coach of the player
    3. Parent
    4. FSMH